Polaris World Resources is HR Outsourcing & Payroll partners for small & medium sized enterprise with the aim to assist in managing the important aspect of the company which is Human Resources Administration and Payroll.


To be the best HR & Payroll partners to all small & medium sized enterprise company.


To create awareness on the important of HR to all business & to provide professional yet affordable services.

Benefits of using our services:

  1. The security of your private and confidential information is our priority and it shall be safe and secure with us.
  2. To ensure the company remain compliance with local law. This will allow the company to be eligible to any scheme and benefit that offered by the government.
  3. Company will be more professional in staff management.
  4. Able to reduce HR operation cost up to 50%.

“Outsources your payroll and HR Administration with us and stay focus in your company’s growth”