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1. Staff Placement Services/ Staff Outsourcing

  1. HR Professional that can be places in your HR department for a specific period of time.
  2. We are supplying staff ranging from assistant to executive level.
  3. A placement may be advisable under the following situations:
    • HR staff on special project
    • HR staff are on long leave/ temporary re-assignment

Staff Placement will cover the following:

  1. Human Resources
    • Salary Processing.
    • Administrative work; filling, leave management, claims processing etc.
    • Insurance Management.
    • Training and Performance Appraisal Coordination.
  2. Administration Work

2. HR related Contract Drafting

Types of HR letters:

  1. Appointment letter
  2. Confirmation letter
  3. Promotion & Increment letter
  4. Misconduct letter
  5. Resignation & Termination letter

3. HR Report

  1. Attendance include leave and late coming